Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Beginning

I finally thought I would start a blog!!  The only reason is that I hope to keep a record of Mine and Marc's life together to share with our children one day.  I was reading a friend's blog and saw a link that led to a page that shows you how to turn your blog into a book!  How cool is that?  So anyways a lot is going on lately.  Our wedding is less than 3 months away and so that puts me on stress overload.  I never realized how involved and overwhelming the process can be. We have most of the big things out of the way like dj, flowers, cake, venue and dresses but we still do not have someone to marry us! So that is my weekends chore:(

So Marc and I started this whole journey when we met snowboarding 6 years ago.  We became fast friends and things just went from there.  Marc is a IT Engineer and I teach Special Education.  I really enjoy my job but sometimes it is a lot of work.  This week has been very tiring because reports were due and also my cheerleaders are getting ready for a big game tomorrow.  Marc enjoy's his job as well, unfortunately he had to go to a funeral this past week for one of his co-workers who died way to young. 

We also have a dog that we got 3 years ago.  His name is Bob and he is such a sweetie.  He is a lab and beagle mix and has a great temperment.  Well I am tired but will write more soon!

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  1. If you haven't found one yet, my Mom's best friend and her husband are both officiants. He officiated our wedding and it was fantastic! They are soooo easy to work with and make you feel really relaxed. Check out their website at Hope this helps!